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Once you submit the quote we will receive your order via email.  A copy of your order will also be sent to your email address. We will check the availability of your selected items and get back to you within one business day. Selected items can be put on hold for a few days till the delivery date. After the first 30 day, you can either renew for 30 days or 15 days. 30 day renewals are 30% off.


We accept Visa, MasterCard and E-mail money transfer.  Our contract requires a valid credit card number that goes on our file.

Delivery/Pick up Fee for most areas in the GTA is $200, including both. Our minimum order is $500 before taxes and delivery charges. For orders below $500, kindly arrange your own transport. If you have any questions regarding our Order Policies, kindly get in touch with us at +1-647-877-1877. We will be happy to assist you.